Alpha Dawgs

Steve “Rosebowl” Robertson’s book Alpha Dawgs is now available online and in fine book stores near you. Secure your autographed copy today and have Steve personalize it to you or anyone you’d like.

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Alpha Dawgs


Alpha Dawgs picks up where Stark Villains left off. Stories from the rivalry between the Bulldogs of Mississippi State and the Rebels of Ole Miss are told as only Steve Robertson can. The book is jam-packed with controversy, previously unpublished missives, interviews with legends, riveting history and much more.

Alpha Dawgs exposes prominent Mississippians for their role in promoting segregation and attempting to prevent State’s participation in the 1963 “Game of Change.” A former player reveals how the basketball team successfully beat the establishment and defiantly played in the game.



These pages chronicle the firing of Allyn McKeen—the best football coach in MSU history. Bulldog great, Rafael Palmeiro, talks about why he chose MSU.

Alpha Dawgs delivers tales from the rivalry that fans of both schools will enjoy, although Mississippi State wins every chapter.

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