Stark Villains

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Stark Villains


Long before there were even two major universities in Mississippi, there were two factions of people battling for control of the Magnolia State—blue-collar and white-collar folks. This early feud spilled over into athletics at State and Ole Miss and has evolved into one of the most bitter rivalries in college sports.

For the first time, Bulldog fans can read how their heroes view the Rebels and how deeply important the quest for in-state pride resonates in the hearts of each storyteller.



Steve worked tirelessly to find the Bulldog heroes of the rivalry with Ole Miss. And he found them! And talk they did. The men and women who made the rivalry with Ole Miss so rewarding for State fans finally get to tell their stories in the battle with the Rebs. Beginning over 70 years ago with a tale about a messy afternoon in Oxford to Nick Fitzgerald’s revenge of his broken leg, Steve uncovers the Bulldog side of things.

Stark Villains is chock-full of remarkable stories about the bitter rivalry between State and Ole Miss. The tales are told by the Bulldogs who played, coached and lived it.

Not only is Villains a great read but is an exceptional gift.

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“I know a lot of fans felt like LSU was our biggest rival, but the in-state rival is always the biggest rival. Maybe in those years, the in-state rivalry lost a little bit of its glamour, because LSU and Mississippi State were always contending.” – Coach Ron Polk

“The thing about Mississippi State and Mississippi is the size of the state of Mississippi. You live with it sort of like you do with Alabama and Auburn. You live with that rivalry every single day. Everybody in the state is wearing one school’s colors or the others.” – Coach Jackie Sherrill

“What it means to win that game is everything. To win the rival game is always really meaningful. It means so much to the alums and friends of your school, no matter where you are.” – Coach Bob Tyler

“I just didn’t like (Ole Miss). I am not sure how I can elaborate on that. I just didn’t like them.” – Frank Carollo