Path to Enlightened Turkey Hunting: A Naturalist’s Observations, Memorable Hunts, and Camaraderie


As the subtitle, A Naturalist’s Observations, Memorable Hunts, and Camaraderie suggests, this book is based on the author’s treasure of memories, knowledge, and many years of professional experience. Travel with Miller as he navigates his outdoor life as a hunter and naturalist. Join him as he pits his savvy knowledge against the wily turkey gobbler.

Sadly, Jim Miller will not be able to hold this book in his earthly hands as he passed away of Covid related complications on January 24, 2022.



Path to Enlightened Turkey Hunting is reality-based with no embellishment of the truth. It is destined to become a collector’s book of warm, enlightening tales.

This 300+-page hardcover book makes a perfect gift for the avid turkey hunter.

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